Charles Pacello is a dynamic speaker, life coach, teacher, counselor, actor, author, and humanitarian. He received his Individualized Masters of Arts Degree from Goddard College in 2017, an intensive study combining psychology and theater, and developed an innovative, in-depth, multi-disciplinary approach to healing the invisible wounds of PTSD, trauma, and abuse. An expert in healing PTSD, trauma, depression, and other stress-related issues that emerge from conflict and violence, he works with individuals and groups to provide them with the tools them need to heal, renew, and transform. An Air Force veteran and graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, he currently presides as Secretary for the Board of Directors of Soldier’s Heart (, a non-profit organization to help veterans make the return journey home, and is a facilitator of the Los Angeles based non-profit, the Mindful Warrior Project ( Charlie is thrilled to have the opportunity to facilitate the class, “In the Best Interests of the Children”, for DRP, as it gives him the opportunity to share valuable insights learned from his own personal experiences with separation and divorce, with his passion to help parents heal, grow, and become the empowered individuals they need to be for their children.

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phoone number: 310-722-6562