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If you are involved in a conflict that appears to be headed for trial, consider mediation. At Dispute Resolution Professionals, LLC, we concentrate on helping you resolve all types of disputes through mediation.  Mediation is an affordable, efficient and early alternative to litigation.  It is an informal, yet completely private process in which a professional mediator helps all parties in conflict to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement.  In contrast to litigation, mediation is cost effective and faster, saving disputants a great deal of time, money and emotional stress.  In mediation, the parties, with the assistance of their mediator, design the resolution to their conflict.

We offer alternative dispute resolution services for all types of disputes including divorce and family law issues such as parenting time and child support; employment issues, and for consumer and business related conflicts as well as community disputes. Regardless of the conflict that brings you to our door, our goal is to help you design and reach the best resolution quickly and efficiently as well as reduce your stress and legal costs.

Our mediators possess diverse professional expertise, allowing you to benefit from their specialized knowledge. We have experience in, psychology, healthcare, medicine, business, real estate, aviation, as well as the law.  During mediation we will explain your options and work with all parties to develop a strategy based on your unique situation.  We take the time to keep you informed and help you understand the process so that you can make confident decisions.

In addition to resolving your current conflicts through mediation, arbitration, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, our purpose is to help you avoid future problems. We can help you develop the communication and conflict resolution skills you need to prevent future conflict.

Our family clients depend on us to help them craft working solutions and preventative strategies for the betterment of themselves and their children.  Corporate and government entities in the Denver, Colorado metro area, (including Adams County, Arapahoe County, Clear Creek County, Douglas County, Eagle County, Elbert County, Jefferson County, Lake County and Lincoln County) often turn to us for mediation, participation in parenting classes, training in employee relations, and for the development of standards of practice that greatly reduce the chances of potential litigation. In addition we are approved by Colorado’s 1st, 5th, 6th, 17th and 18th Judicial Districts.

If you are involved in a conflict, we encourage you to explore the practicalities of mediation.  We invite you to learn more about the mediation process and to review our credentials.  We now offer distance, teleconference and online mediation for your convenience.   We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your options and to help you through a more timely and efficient resolution of your dispute.

In addition to meditaion, we offer:

Corporate Training
Executive Coaching
Fact Finding
Early Neutral Evaluation

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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.