"A beautiful, inspiring, and immensely practical book.  It is perfect to curl up with, reflect and meditate on, or guide you in handling life's most difficult conflicts." 
Kenneth Cloke Author of The Crossroads of Conflict: A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution & Mediating Dangerously

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Dispute Resolution Professionals

Nurture personal renewal and cultivate inner peace through daily spiritual practices.

If your work is in human relationships, peace, conflict, or conciliation with patients, employees, or citizens—or you simply want peace on the planet—this book is meant for you. Creating peace and transforming conflicted relationships is a calling and a passion. In the course of working with conflict everyday, a residual effect can be the reduced capacity for living one’s life. To meet the intense challenges of this work, make time to nurture your own inner peace. This spiritual-path guidebook will help your personal renewal through daily spiritual reflections. Each day sets forth a theme, a short discussion of the topic, an introduction to a meditation, and a suggestion for a journaling exercise. These musings are meant to provide a platform for introspection: a chance for you to question how you live, to reflect on your practice, to care for your soul, and most importantly, a reason to sit quietly and invite stillness.

John Paul Lederach, PhD.

Peacebuilder, scholar and author, The Moral Imagination, Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies, et al. “A simple daily dose, a morning gift for anyone working day in and out in the wonderfully challenging arena of conflict, mediation and peacebuilding. These short, insightful essays fill an important and too often overlooked gap in the professional field—the need to sustain our spirit, build our enthusiasm, and deepen our reservoir of compassion, the platform that from which hope rises for the necessary accompaniment of those experiencing pain and confusion in the search for meaning in the midst of conflict. This book should be located right alongside the palm pilot, the calendar, or the morning latté. Start anywhere, read in any direction—it’s a gift.”

Joan Goldsmith, PhD.

Leadership expert and author, The Art of Waking People Up: Cultivating Awareness and Authenticity at Work “How many of us long for “calm in the face of the storm?” Nan Waller Burnett shares her wisdom, her valuable suggestions and her brilliant insights to lead us back to ourselves and to peace.”

About the author:

Nan Waller Burnett, MA

Nan is an Advanced Practitioner in the Association for Conflict Resolution, faculty at Regis University, on the board of directors of Mediators Beyond Borders International, Former co-chair of the national ACR Spirituality Section, and served on the Advisory Council of the Program on Negotiation Insight Initiative at the Harvard Law School. She designs and facilitates the Rocky Mountain Retreat, an event to teach Holistic and Reflective Practice to conflictpractitioners.

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