Class Profile

"In the Best Interests of the Children"

We focus on such topics as:

Impact of family conflict on children 
Building effective parenting plans 
Developmental needs of children 
Creating new family relationships 
Developing " positive co-parenting"  
Preventing Parent Alienation Syndrome 
Seeking a child's best interests

High Conflict Course (HC):

If you have been court ordered to attend High Conflict/ Level Two class, choose a class that states "High Conflict" or "HC".

We have designed a Level II course to assist high conflict parents with the transition from avoidance, competition, and rage - to empowerment and collaboration.  Our workshop, “In the Best Interests of the Children: Growing through Conflict” is high conflict parenting education which is child centered. The process of splitting from a nuclear family to a bi-nuclear family is emotionally wrenching and difficult for all people who have to endure it.  We train parents in the developmental issues facing children in a high conflict environment as well as provide strategies for dealing with a co-parent who wants to continue the fighting. Unfortunately, the process of uncoupling families is in direct opposition to a smooth transition to parenting in a bi-nuclear family system. We are here to assist you by providing valuable information that can provide an environment which succeeds, even in the face of high conflict.

Completely Interactive... 

This educational program uses videos, simulated role-playing, and provides a  Parent's and Children's Guidebook to all participants.

Comments From Our Participants...

" Very comfortable, not what I expected.  Too bad I couldn't have done this on my own instead of being court ordered.  This was a plus." 

" Every parent should take a class like this when their first child is born!" 

" I enjoyed this class very much.  It put me in focus.  It is all about the children!  Your facilitators were excellent."