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As part of the everyday operation of a business, conflicts will arise. Whether these conflicts stem from employment disputes, personnel differences, contract disputes with third parties, litigation, or operational difficulties, resolving these disputes can frustrating and costly. The attention of management and employees becomes diverted and distracted and resources are expended which might otherwise have been utilized in furthering the success of the business.

The resolution of these conflicts through alternative dispute resolution results in returning employees and resources to the accomplishment of the business mission in a timely and efficient manner. Avoiding litigation and resolving disputes through the use of mediation is a tool every business should consider in furthering the success of that business.

Resolution of the following disputes can be quickly and economically resolved through the use of mediation.


Interpersonal differences

Contract disputes

Organizational difficulties

Litigation of any type

Negotiation, internal and external

Consumer complaints

Business Planning

Any dispute or conflict that interferes with the smooth operation and success of the business can be facilitated through the use of mediation. Even if the entire conflict is not resolved the framework within which to resolve the issues can be established and provide the basis for eventual resolution.



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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.