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Several of DRP's panel members have extensive experience in the unionized workplace. In addition to our labor/union practice offering fact finding, mediation, arbitration and training services, we can facilitate those disputes not governed by a collective bargaining agreement, which can cause severe communication and organizational breakdowns between management and unions. We understand the need to preserve the integrity of a collective bargaining agreement and can offer third party assistance that does not violate negotiated terms. Further, we can assist the parties in devising an alternative dispute process that works in tandem with any established grievance system which can provide for early mediation of certain types of conflicts that will not compromise precedent or the parties ability to enforce their respective positions. Our experience has proven that even where a collective bargaining agreement is in place, if the parties elect to attempt mediation at an early phase of a conflict, it is often possible to avoid costly later arbitration and continued hostility.








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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.