The federal government is operating under a mandate to mediate any employment or EEO grievances as the starting point for seeking resolution of the dispute. Many state and local governmental entities are following this example by recognizing the value mediation and other forms of ADR bring to the workplace.

DRP has contracts with and provides services to the United States Postal Service and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The General Services Administration has awarded a contract to DRP to provide mediation services on a worldwide basis for any EEO disputes within the government. DRP has also provided mediation services to the Colorado State Department of Corrections.

As the use of ADR within governmental agencies expands, DRP stands uniquely ready to provide the necessary experience and skills to fulfill the ADR needs of any governmental agency.

Many governmental units are in need of assistance in creating an ADR program and the process for such a program. DRP can provide this assistance in structuring the program to meet the particular needs of each agency. Our professionals have many years of experience in training individuals in the proper use of ADR and in creating the process that takes into account the individual requirements of each agency.

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General Services Administration Contract SIN 595-13







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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.