General Services Administration Contract SIN 595-13


SIN 595-13 – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Labor Category Gov't Rate/Hr.

(Year one)


Year Two


Year Three


Year Four


Year Five


Mediation $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr.
Mediation and ArbitrationPre-session work (max. 4 hrs.) $75/hr $75/hr. $75/hr. $75/hr. $75/hr.
Mediation and Arbitration

Post-session work (max. 4 hrs.)

$75/hr. $75/hr. $75/hr. $75/hr. $75/hr.
Arbitration $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr.
Facilitation $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr.
ADR Training $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr. $175/hr


  1. Awarded EEO SIN 595-13 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
  2. Lowest Price Item: Prices are net (Prices listed below)
  3. Maximum order: $30,000.00
  4. Minimum order: $500.00
  5. Geographic coverage: Worldwide
  6. Points of production: Golden, Colorado
  7. Statement of Net Prices: See schedule below
  8. Quality Discount: Not applicable
  9. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 days
  10. Government credit Cards: Accepted
  11. Discount for payment by Government credit cards: Not applicable
  12. Foreign Items: Not applicable
  13. Time of Delivery: ADR Options adheres to the deliver schedule specified by purchase order
  14. Special items available for expedited delivery : All items in this price list are available for negotiated expedited delivery
  15. Overnight and two-day Delivery: Please contact Contractor for rates
  16. Urgent Requirements: Please contact Contractor
  17. F.O.B. Points: Destination
  18. Ordering Address:  Dispute Resolution Professional, 1746 Cole Boulevard, Building 21, Suite 295, Golden, CO 80401
  19. Payment Address:  Dispute Resolution Professional, 1746 Cole Boulevard, Building 21, Suite 295, Golden, CO 80401       Please call contractor for electronic funds transfer information.
  20. Warranty Provisions: Dispute Resolution Professionals warrants and implies that the items and services delivered are fit to the particular purpose described under this contract.
  21. Terms and conditions of Governmental commercial Credit card acceptance: No threshold

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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.