Civil Court Disputes


The use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is ever increasing in civil courts in Colorado. In 1992 the Colorado Dispute Resolution Act was amended to allow judges to refer cases to ADR. As a result of that amendment many Colorado courts at all levels of jurisdiction routinely, as part of the management of the case, order the parties to participate in some form of ADR, most often mediation. The parties then may choose a mediator of their choice to fulfill the mandate of the court.

Dispute Resolution Professionals offers a choice of mediators with vast experience in assisting in the resolution of civil court disputes. Cases mediated with settlements being reached include personal injury, family, labor and employment, real estate, business, community, and virtually any other dispute that might arise in civil court.

Parties feel more satisfied with the result because:

  • They participate during mediation in crafting the solution to their disagreements.
  • The result is not imposed on them by a third party i.e. the judge or the jury.
  • They are given a forum in which to vent their frustrations and concerns.
  • They truly communicate their real needs.

The use of mediation resulting in a settlement is more timely and cost effective than litigation. Further, settlement of a case allows a client the more productive use of resources and avoids the stress and uncertainty of litigation.

The use of ADR, or in most cases, mediation at an early stage of a conflict should be encouraged in the appropriate case. When done voluntarily and at an early stage, mediation can be a most effective tool in meeting the needs of your clients.



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Miles E. Davies, JD has been a practicing mediator and arbitrator in the Denver area since 1996.